5 Obvious Options For Using VPS Servers

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Server rental is a suitable choice for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase or maintain their server in the office. Providers offer four essential hosting services that can help you resolve your server issue:

  • Order a dedicated server;
  • Use virtual hosting;
  • Rent a VPS server;
  • Opt for cloud hosting.

You can use the server for any purpose: to host a website, store data, or develop and test. Here, you can read about the most common ways to use VPS servers and their benefits. You may not have known about some of them!

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the most common way to use a VPS server. With this option, you can place many sites on one web server. This option is suitable for small sites: landing pages or business card sites. But what if you have a site with heavy traffic? It requires more resources, and there is no way to rent a dedicated server. In this case, King Servers offer to rent a VPS server.

Mail Server

Placing e-mail on a virtual private server is a common and popular service among businesses. Setting your mail on a VPS allows you to more accurately and fine-tunes the operation of the mail service. Also, the confidentiality of data stored in the mail is maintained.

IP Telephony Server

A virtual private server can be used as a VoIP server to make calls over the Internet. Companies place their IP telephony on a leased VPS server to avoid additional costs, which is most profitable. Companies select the VPS server of the desired configuration for their needs based on the number of connected subscribers, calls, and telephone lines.

Application Development

VPS is a great virtual workspace for companies that develop desktop, web, or mobile applications. The necessary development tools are easily installed on the virtual server.

Data Backup

Cyber-attacks, hardware failures, or natural disasters can affect the loss of business-critical data and files and stop business processes. Data restoration may take a long time and effort. To avoid such unpleasant situations, use backup. VPS server can serve as a reliable place for backup storage.

And these are just a few of the most exciting applications for a VPS server. King Servers offer to use a virtual server for many tasks, including remote desktop connection, hosting ERP systems, accounting programs, and more.

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