6 Must-haves For Quality-Intensive Agile Drupal Web Development

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Agile development has become the important source among the web development companies. By making use of this approach in the process of website development, businesses get quality solutions with the quickest turnaround time. The major reason for the popularity of this methodology is the extent to which developers are showing interest towards it. Having become an integral part of Drupal web development, this methodology is appreciated a lot amongst developers. However, when adopting this technology, developers often fail to deliver quality rich web development. Since the agile web development involves the quickest delivery, there are instances when developers fail to maintain balance between quality and agility.

This blog lists down some important tips that can help developers avail quality-intensive agile Drupal development. Let us see how:

Should have clearness on business metrics and goals

To proceed ahead with agile Drupal website development, it is crucial for developers to come up with proper planning. Proper planning ensures not only high-quality but also timely completion of projects. To reach the business objectives, developers need to move towards efforts that are driven by metrics and goals.

Adoption of sprint-based approach

Sprint-based approach is a part of agile methodology, however, before implementing that developers need to have a well-planned user story for the sprint. This must be used by the Drupal development team for drafting and estimating the implementation.

Implementation of stringent coding standards in the local environment

Another important thing you can do to ensure quality in the process of agile Drupal web development is the enforcement of severe coding standards. With such a practice, it becomes easier to detect small errors. Other than this, consistency in the coding is also maintained. This results into efficient debugging, quick code reviews and easier usability.

Automation to drive successful quality control

Automation plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of Drupal solutions that are developed using agile methodology. This in turn makes automation of code testing, integration and deployment an important aspect of the entire process.

Performance and security with independent audits

The quality of a Drupal based solution is solely dependent on performance and security. Both of them should be cross-checked by developers and have them audited via independent experts. By auditing independently, developers ensure conformity with quality standards for the overall project.

Documentation of application architecture

Though the team does not requires creation of code from the initial day, however, they are required to document and draft the application architecture along with content model before starting the development process.

These models can be twisted with the progression of project to accommodate with the changes in requirements and project scenarios. It is important to have a roadmap right from the start.


To avail agile scrum methodology, it is important to hire Drupal developer. These developers make sure to take your projects to great heights. An experienced Drupal development team will make sure that they develop the website keeping all these tips in mind.

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