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WordPress and Drupal are among the top three content management systems with an impressive market share. Both of them have their specific features & functionality that increase the preference of building a fully-fledged website using these platforms. The websites that are based on these two popular content management systems ensure more traffic and functionality. But, why migrating from WordPress to Drupal is in high demand. There are millions of posts available over the Internet regarding CMS wars. All of them point out that WordPress is better than Drupal or vice versa. But, the actual logic behind this increasing preference of migrating to Drupal is described in this post. So, go through it and understand the answer.

Factors where Drupal is superior than WordPress

Some of the major factors where Drupal is superior than WordPress have been outlined below:-

  • Not just blogging: Drupal is not just a blogging tool, rather it is more than that and is referred as a powerful content management system. WordPress to Drupal migration is carried out due to this important factor.
  • Flexibility: The second most important factor that places Drupal at the top priority from migration point of view, is its flexibility. It is highly flexible and helps to build the websites that you exactly want.
  • Security: Security is must for every website, therefore, choose the web development platform that suits the best on this parameter. Drupal again dominates WordPress in this regard and provides a greater security.
  • Modules: Drupal features a wide range of above 30,000 modules in order to include advanced features & functionality in the website.
  • Activity community: Drupal is being supported by an active community of above 1 million members reflecting that migrating from WordPress to Drupal is definitely an intelligent option.

Positives about WordPress

In some cases, WordPress holds several positive points when compared with Drupal. A few such factors are as follows:-

  • Perfect for content and blogging: In this domain, WordPress is one step ahead of Drupal. WordPress is a perfect blogging tool and more than millions of blog sites are based on it.
  • Easy management and use: The second positive point about WordPress is that it is very easy to use as well as manage.
  • Saves time: Building a website or blog with the help of WordPress CMS, is really a time saving process.
  • Not much technical skills required: Another positive aspect of WordPress is that not much technical skills are required for developing a highly customized website or blog.

When WordPress loses its importance

No doubt, WordPress is a feature-rich platform, but it loses its importance in various aspects that are considered during the process of web development. Some of them have been listed below:-

  • When it comes to developing the websites for large enterprises
  • For complex web development

After taking all the above-mentioned factors regarding superiority of Drupal and positives about WordPress into consideration, it has become clear that how Drupal migration is beneficial and important.

Posted By : PSDtoDrupalDeveloper Team

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