Why Responsive Drupal Website Is Must For The Online Business?

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A wide range of devices like desktop, laptop, smartphones and tablets are used by the users for accessing the web pages. If a website responds only to a fix device or screen, then the visitors would not like to open it again. Due to this reason, the developers are proceeding towards the development of responsive Drupal website for providing the best ever web experience to every online visitor. The ability of the website to adjust according to the screen size or pixel-resolution is an advanced feature and crucial for the business owners.

RWD (Responsive Web Design) are the major tools as well as techniques required to build interactive web pages. The Boston Globe http://www.bostonglobe.com/ was the first website based on RWD approach of the web development. Handling responsive designs in Drupal CMS, is a little bit tricky task to accomplish effectively. The latest version i.e. Drupal 8 features an ideal solution of handling responsive images with the help of its new Picture module. Setting up and configuring it across diverse GUI (Graphical User Interface) menus is quite complex. But, once it is operational, then it provides smooth, effective & fast solution and eases the task of developing a responsive Drupal website.

Benefits of having responsive web designs

In today’s world of the smartphones and tablets, if you are limiting your business only to the computing devices, then it is for sure one of the biggest mistakes. Opt responsive designs as they provide better results and profits to your business in the global market. The major benefits associated with such designs have been summarized below:-

Consistent increase in usage: The usage of mobile devices is increasing at a consistent rate worldwide. In the year 2011, only 7% smart devices were used for accessing the websites. But, after two years i.e. 2013, the usage has increased above 20%.

Hassle-free ranking: All the entrepreneurs want to rank their website at the first page or position, but only a few of them get the expected results. The reasons of this fact depend on several factors and the parameters. In fact, a responsive Drupal website ranks easily on all the known search engines.

Above 35% increase in traffic: Another crucial benefit of a responsive website is that it brings above 35% increase in traffic, which is not possible at any cost with a non-responsive design.

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