Why Drupal as a CMS Needs Standardization

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Drupal has conquered the web space with more than 1 million websites being designed on the platform. Being one of the largest open source and widely opted content management systems, Drupal has driven business growth at a rapid pace. It is the only CMS that drives business digitalization for organizations and their brands.

The revamped version of Drupal, i.e Drupal 8 comes with almost 200 new features and is the most flexible version designed to offer content-centric experiences to users. With the addition of new features and functionalities, Drupal helps organizations deliver experiences that are meant to augment its growth. This functionality helps Drupal respond incredibly faster to the market needs.

The improved versions of Drupal are launched every six months to add new features. Standardizing on Drupal puts a greater impact in improving its efficiency and scalability.

Listed below are 10 important reasons that compel businesses to standardize on Drupal. Let’s have a look:


Drupal was designed keeping the multilingual feature in mind so that you can easily create digital experiences for your targeted audiences in their native languages globally. Drupal has an UI design that can easily be translatable into any language your wish to or of use. This, in turn, makes Drupal a preferred choice for creating websites that allow publishing content easily.

Drupal supports an extending list of languages including Arabic and Hebrew. Using Drupal install, the CMS auto detects the language of browser and offers to set the site to that particular language.

Drupal community

Drupal tops the race with a community of more than 1 million members providing organizations with every functionality and module required to deliver any kind of digital experience. Owing to a huge global community, discovering Drupal experts is quite easy. There are more than 4500 organizations which have contributed to the development of Drupal 8.

Top-notch security

Security plays an important role to protect your site from attacks. Drupal has many security features to safeguard the site. The latest version of Drupal offers best security practices for writing code, generating PHP files and configuration. If there is some vulnerability being discovered, the patches can be released quickly by the Drupal security team.

Flexible content architecture

Content architecture in Drupal 8 has changed for the better. With a superior data modeling experience, Drupal supports a structured content view that can be displayed in multiple view modes. This data can be reused by content creators to select the mode for any particular display. Being flexible in nature, Drupal allows you to publish content once and access it everywhere. The same content can be used across multiple channels and applications and delivered to any device with the least efforts.


Drupal 8 is completely designed for internet-enabled devices. Websites designed using Drupal can be easily accessed to any channel, device or screen. All core themes offered by the CMS are responsive and automatically reflows elements to fit the size of a mobile device.


Drupal has a built-in workflow with different access permission levels to follow proper review and approvals before the content is published. Drupal is constantly improving workflow capabilities for its users and has an established Drupal 8 workflow initiative in space.

Authoring experience for non-techies

Drupal 8’s built-in CKEditor offers authors WYSIWYG editor that includes expected styling capabilities and a new widget feature along with image caption editing. Drupal 8’s built-in themes are responsive and admin capabilities can be directly accessed from a mobile device for managing the site, content and experience from anywhere.


Drupal standardization allows organizations to lessen the maintenance cost, streamline security, optimize internal resources and simplify training- all without compromising on the requirements while still creating exceptional digital experiences.

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