What Makes Drupal 8 the Best CMS for Themers?

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With a combination of many advanced yet easy to understand features, Drupal makes a preferred choice when it comes to delivering a flexible browsing experience. Drupal 8 theming allows for more customization in Twig templates.

Twig, with its fresh and scalable features, allows themers to design websites which are secure, flexible and offer the easiest way to attract the customers. Useful for both business owners and online consumers, Twig as a templating engine comes with debugging features that help improve security. Drupal 8 Theming with Twig is made for anyone who is interested in discovering the updated functionalities of Drupal and designing websites with multilingual capabilities, content authoring, and new configuration management.

Listed below are a few common areas where Drupal 8 counts to be the best choice for CMS developers. Let’s give them a quick look-


The latest version of Drupal is equipped with features that are highly accessible. Improvement in the font size, color and contrast add to the enhanced user experience, thereby making it easily accessible for users.

Mobile Friendly Design

Drupal 8’s out-of-the-box mobile friendliness focuses on improving the user experience. With its mobile-first strategy, Drupal starts from the smallest target device screen size which is a strategy for optimizing the display of a website using CSS and JavaScript to respond to different device capabilities. Drupal 8 covers up fast, clean, customizable and adaptable responsive themes. All built-in Drupal themes are featured with responsive elements that include toolbar, images and tables. Drupal 8 works to reduce the front-end footprint of your website to improve its performance. From a plethora of styles available, Drupal 8 allows you to select the one for different sizes or devices. Easy to browse and hassle-free responsive themes are designed to convince users to spend a little more time on your site so that they can get what they are looking for efficiently.


The advanced version of Drupal 8 is featured with multilingual characteristics which allow creating web pages with built-in translation features. In addition, you can create pages based on language filtering.

Easy Content Editing with CKEditor

CKEditor is one of the advanced feature of Drupal, 8 which makes content editing simple for the users. With this feature, content editors can edit text in any page without switching to the full edit form.

Twig for conversion based and secure websites

Flexible, secure and fast, Twig complies templates to plain optimized PHP code. It has its open architecture with the help of which one can easily implement own constructs.

Integration with HTML5

When it comes to writing web mark-ups, HTML5 wins the odds by seamlessly integrating with Drupal 8 in handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. For both desktop and mobile users, HTML5 can provide a much better user experience which could be best integrated with the help of an exquisite PSD to HTML5 conversion process that helps in converting native applications and the mobile web apps based on their functionalities.

Easier Site Management

Drupal 8 brings extensively rich features that allow site admin to customize different site components like views, lists, blocks, admin tools, etc. Site admin can even control the presentation of data without using a single line of code. In order to make content interactive and provide a great user experience, addition of schema markup and the SEO-friendly feature is suggested.

Quick site loading speed

Drupal 8 caches all entities and only loads JavaScript when necessary. When a page is viewed, it’s previously viewed content is quickly loaded from the cache. Once configured and enabled, caching is completely automatic.

Reduced Server Load

Drupal 8 only loads the modules which a page needs. This will ultimately lead to faster page load for your visitors as well as reduced amount of run-time memory required for smooth performance.

In tune with the advanced industry standards- Drupal 8 aligns with the latest PHP standards like namespace, traits and outstanding libraries like Composer, PHP unit, Guzzle, Zend Feed.


Featuring the above-mentioned characteristics, Drupal 8 offers a better user experience to users. The incorporation of advanced features makes Drupal websites easier to design and use. Drupal, being a prominent CMS, contributes equally to designing websites which are high performing, conversion oriented and offer a hassle-free experience to your users.

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