Top Features of Drupal 8 Contributing to its Rising Demand in the Web Realm

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Drupal 8 is conferred as a popularly used gen-next content management system specifically introduced to facilitate myriad businesses online, for getting an indomitable web presence. Its swift processing and simplified usage help in creating dynamic enterprise-oriented websites and applications. The extensive community of Drupal have skillfully contributed to the introduction of Drupal 8 by integrating innovative and advanced web functions into it.

This open-source CMS includes a blended approach of innovation and conventional development to proffer enhanced digital experience. It offers features and functionality that benefits all developers, programmers, site authors, webmasters, content curators, digital marketers and technical executives. The core structure of this latest version of Drupal comprises more than 200 inbuilt advanced new features that help in achieving success for the web solutions.

Glimpses to the Key Features Of Drupal 8

This lighter and faster version of Drupal bestows a remarkable set of core features listed below:

1. Device-Agnostic

Drupal 8 comes with numerous inbuilt themes that are responsive in function and thus can be uniformly viewed and integrated over varied devices and browsers. The new interface offered by this platform perfectly fits with changing devices and operating systems.

2. Multilingual

The new admin interface confers multilingual functionality that allows site administrators to cater language-based views and filters to their clients. This helps in servicing web users of different communities and regions, uniformly across the globe.

3. Advanced theme engine

Drupal 8 comes with the latest PHP-based theming engine, Twig known for its swift, secure and reliable processing. With the help of this theme engine, its easier to create more aesthetic and appealing Drupal web applications and site.

4. Improved loading speed

In the previous versions of Drupal, the content loading speed was lesser as compared to this new version. Drupal 8 automatically caches content and configures it according to the requirement of the clients.

5. HTML5 in the core

Developers these days are switching to use advanced validated markups i.e HTML5 in each of their projects. Drupal 8 is more compatible to give access to HTML5 markups, which means adding input fields like e-mail, date, etc. gets easier and simpler.

6. Manageable Configuration

Transferring configuration elements like tables, views, fields, content, etc in Drupal 8 is much simpler with the help of configuration management system. Also, you can keep an eye on the changes in configuration, by using the version-control system. The configuration is finely stored in separate files other than the database.

7. Editing gets easier

Drupal 8 is a boon to site administrators, as it facilitates quick and easier editing in the front-end. For those looking forward to owning a platform that has easily accessible and editable front-end, Drupal is the best solution for you.

8. In-built web services

Drupal 8 comes with advanced web services that allows it to be used as a data source by the users. The output content provided in dynamic XML and JSON format.

This is just an overview of the impeccable features offered by this leading web design and development platform. Drupal 8 powered websites are fervently used by developers to create web applications and sites for colleges, universities, NGOs, businesses enterprises, etc. The security of data, intuitive interface and advanced functionality offered by Drupal 8 is hard to find elsewhere and these are the major reason contributing to its rising popularity in the web industry.

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