Responsive Drupal Website – Easily Accessible To Any Device You Want

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The Smartphone users are increasing at a rapid pace and in this advancement the developers have to present their creativity & innovation for developing highly responsive Drupal website. A responsive website design is the one that gives the same response on both computing and mobile devices. Drupal is among one of the preferred content management systems that helps to develop such websites in an easy manner. So far, a wide range of the beautiful websites ranging from business to portfolio and corporate have been developed with the help of this exclusive platform.

Prerequisites for a responsive website regarding Drupal

  • Mobile Theme Module
  • Drupal Responsive Theme

What are the various steps for developing a responsive website?

At present, most of the entrepreneurs are running non-responsive websites and it has become mandatory for them to upgrade to a responsive Drupal website for enhancing their popularity as well as profits. The major benefit of responsive websites is that they are mobile friendly and easily accessible to any device (desktop, laptop, Smartphone & tablet) you want. Developing such type of website based on Drupal is a hassle-free task and the various steps for performing this task are as follows:-

  • The primary step for developing a responsive Drupal website is to install as well as enable mobile theme module and responsive Drupal theme.
  • In the second step, click on Home > Administration > Appearance tab and you will find MOBILE THEME box consisting of two options as follows:-
  1. Detection Method: You can select any of the detection method from drop down list according to your preference, but PHP is considered default or standard in this regard.
  2. Mobile theme: Choose the mobile theme of your preference.
  • Before starting the work on the responsive layout, settings of the responsive themes can be changed by clicking on Home > Administration > Appearance > Settings > “Name of the theme (depends on your choice)” tab. In the TOGGLE DISPLAY, you can simply enable or disable the display of various elements like Logo, Site name, Main menu, Secondary menu, Shortcut icon and many more.
  • The fourth step for creating a responsive Drupal website is to set up your Responsive Layout. For performing this task, navigate to Appearance tab and choose the name of your theme under the Blocks section. In the REGION SETTINGS, specify the themes and regions where this block will be displayed.

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