Redesign Online Marketing Strategies Using Drupal based websites

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Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are designed to accommodate the needs of businesses, however, Drupal is undoubtedly the first choice that comes to mind when creating search engine friendly websites. Drupal’s contribution to developing search-engine friendly websites has been burgeoning very quickly. A large part of the online marketing community appreciates Drupal for easy and efficient business management. Listed below are a few reasons which make online marketing much easier using the platform. Let’s give it a detailed view:

Link building

Since the existence of search engines, link building is something that has gained a prominent importance. It stays at the heart of search engine algorithms. Designing links have been a strenuous and tough job these days. One needs to create premium quality links to make returns out of your business. Drupal based websites usually rank top amongst the authority sites that you should be linking with. Drupal based websites are rarely spammy. Laying the foundation of your business on Drupal platform offers an easier time building links.

Easier content authoring

Content acts as a fuel for marketers in their marketing efforts. Drupal makes it much easier to keep blog/website content updated with its easy-to-use integrated WYSIWYG editor. It also makes it easy to add, update and revise content in accordance with the particular set of audience, language and device type. The biggest challenge marketers face during the time of content marketing is getting the content to be seen. Drupal stands apart from other CMS’s in the queue as it allows incorporating features that make it easier for you to get started with marketing advantages immediately.

Complete mobile support

No matter what type of business you run, it is either completely mobile-friendly or traffic-hostile. Drupal has evolved into a highly flexible and continuously updated system with a versatile feature set equally suitable for all OS types. Drupal, in itself, is a large community comprising dozens of responsive themes and modules that are strictly focused on improving browser experience regardless of the device size. It also features a mobile-friendly dashboard that twists your website from your own tablet or phone. Drupal strictly follows the concept of mobile-first and takes into view aspects like responsiveness for faster loading.

Multiple content types

Drupal offers the flexibility to create content that adds value. The content shared can be in the form of blogs, articles, polls, videos and podcasts. Most of the features offered by this platform are made available with the use of extensible modules. Additionally, Drupal also allows comprehensive control over form fields and the way they are presented.

In a Nutshell

Employing the most common marketing strategies like content marketing, social media marketing, link building and complete mobile support, Drupal has given a new direction to strategies employed in online marketing. Using Drupal for enhancing SEO efforts will definitely create highly usable and interactive experiences that engage users and increase traffic.

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