Reasons Contributing to the Rising Popularity of Drupal

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For past few years, the web industry has witnessed significant changes; all due to the integration of various advanced technologies. All newbie as well as established businessmen have realized that it is equally important to flourish your business on the web as it is offline. And to materialize that thought, you need to have a website built on a powerful content management system just like Drupal. You might be wondering why only Drupal! Well, it is all the matchless functionalities of this open-source CMS that have made it popular and prominent among other CMS’s in the market.

ёёDrupal is a widely reckoned general-purpose content management system meticulously written in PHP. This remarkable CMS is distributed under GNU General Public License that allows an easy access to the core functionalities according to the requisites. Almost 165,573 websites are now powered by Drupal contributing to an influencing market share of total 8%. Considering the excellence of this web development platform, various governmental, non-governmental, and commercial organizations have shifted to using this platform for all their future endeavors. Some leading brands and organizations that have made to the list of successful Drupal clients are The Economist, Tesla Motors, Harvard University, The Government of Australia and Time Inc., Pfizer, etc.

The Rising Popularity Of Drupal

Since inception in 2008, Drupal has successfully managed to develop remarkable, unique and futuristic web applications and sites. Constituting an extensive network of modules and extensions, Drupal offers matchless options to enhance the functionality of web solutions. This helps a web-based organization to stay ahead of their competitors by convening all the latest updates and solutions.
The core administration of Drupal is well-equipped with the latest conventions that notify an administrator about recent releases, updates, modules & themes, etc. There are several reasons that have led to the rising demand of Drupal among global developers and businessmen, let’s have a glimpse of the highlighted ones.

1.Swift and spontaneous development

Drupal is fueled by robust performance of web 2.0 development system that helps you get out of the box and tailored web solutions. Since the development process is fast with Drupal, it is, therefore, preferred by a large community of web developers.

2.Extensive Module directory

The core community of Drupal is backed by some proficient developers who constantly strive to deliver modules and add-ons to extend the functionality of this platform. These add-on programs are fervently used by developers and site authors these days to escalate the performance of their web applications and sites.

3.Dedicated Community Support

This is one of the major advantages of working on Drupal. Understanding the ever-lasting scope of this platform, a majority of developers have already started contributing to this community. They actively come up with the new inventions and updates to improve the existing functionality of this platform. Moreover, the consistent support you get from this community is commendable; they always strive to deliver the best.

4.Open Source

For a creative administrator, it is very important to own a platform that is accessible and can be utilized to the core. Drupal is absolutely free, which means developers can easily access the core functions of this platform without worrying about the licenses and agreements.

5.Highly Secured

A powerful platform like Drupal never compromises with security. It confers a rigid security system that constantly patches all security-related bugs on a timely basis. If you have a Drupal-powered website, then surely security is definitely not the concern for you to worry about.

6. SEO-friendly

Precisely built with 100% validated codes that are all manually coded in compliance with the conventions of search engine optimization. Undoubtedly, a Drupal website always gets ranked high on different search engines, which means a wider reach and greater revenue generation.

The above-mentioned points are surely enough to convince you to go with Drupal for all of your next web development projects. Functionalities like scalability, flexibility, responsiveness, etc. are best utilized by Drupal developers to create exclusive web design and development solutions. But it is equally important to get such incredible service from a reputed Drupal service provider who holds an experienced portfolio of serving myriad clients across the globe. So, the next time you think of getting a business website, do not forget to consider Drupal.

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