PSD to Drupal – A Conversion Approach That Ensures Compatible And Reliable Websites

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When it comes to the web development, so the primary emphasis must be to choose a robust platform that helps to provide the profits beyond expectations. PSD to Drupal conversion is the results-oriented methodology opted by a wide range of the developers across the world.

Drupal is a popular CMS (Content Management System) that has upgraded the level of web development since its introduction in the market. It is a PHP based content management system available as an open source and the developers choose it to develop different categories of websites.

Advantages of PSD to Drupal conversion approach

PSD to Drupal conversion has gained popularity because this approach is results-oriented and has provided benefits to a wide range of entrepreneurs across the globe. With the help of Drupal, the web developers can develop not only dynamic, but also user-friendly websites. There are several advantages of this approach and a few of them are as follows:-

  • Registering and maintaining user accounts.
  • Implementation of RSS feeds to let you know about the daily updates.
  • Ease of menu management.
  • Custom layout of web pages.
  • Powerful platform that provides advanced functionality to the websites.
  • Clean and semantic coding is guaranteed with the help of PSD to Drupal conversion, so that the web pages get an improvement in the ranking on the major search engines.
  • There is no benefit of coding or developing a website unless it is not validated by W3C. The conversion to Drupal from PSD helps to obtain W3C Validation.
  • This approach provides perfect pixels that give an appealing look & feel to the website.
  • The web pages developed through conversion to Drupal, are compatible on all browsers as well as operating systems.
  • Drupal ensures secure and stable web development.

Tips that need to be followed during Converting PSD files into Drupal

The process of PSD to Drupal conversion is not so easy to accomplish and there are several tips that should be kept in mind for carrying out this conversion approach in an effective manner.
A few such tips that need to be followed are as follows:-

  • Perform slicing precisely: Slicing i.e. breaking of files or images is important for conversion and it is necessary to put every slice into separate layers. In fact, layers are the building blocks of conversion.
  • Coding must be clean: The success of a website depends mainly on quality of code. Always perform clean coding for PSD to Drupal conversion as it helps to generate more traffic. Also remember that code should be hand coded.
  • Approval from W3C: After completion of coding, it is important to validate the code. Validation from W3C helps to detect the errors and makes the website error-free.
  • Integration: Integration is the last and among the important steps of PSD to Drupal conversion. It involves the integration of all HTML & CSS files into Drupal. The execution of Integration must be performed in a perfect manner and according to the latest methodologies. The functionality of a website depends on this crucial step to a great extent.
  • Check pixels: It is advised to analyze the pixels of PSD files in order to escalate its visibility and reach amongst audience. Check using Pixel perfect testing tool which is quite simple and easy to use.

Custom PSD to Drupal conversion service boosts your web presence on the search engines. This conversion approach guarantees highly secure as well as reliable websites with outstanding performance. Choose your best PSD to Drupal conversion company from the list and compare it’s cost with other companies and also check out their portfolio too before hiring them.

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