Process involved in making a responsive Drupal website

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Are you planning to build a responsive Drupal website on your own? If yes, then it requires several steps to accomplish this task easily and successfully.

The mobile-optimized websites are being developed at a huge rate powered by different platforms of the website development. Drupal is no exception when it comes to building responsive web pages. A wide range of the web development platforms is participating in this latest approach of mobile-first, but Drupal is at the priority because of its stunning features and capabilities.

If your existing Drupal website is non-responsive and you want to transform it into a highly interactive one, then a few steps will help you get such web pages. The major benefit of having a responsive Drupal website is that it is accessible across all the mobile browsers. Is it possible to convert a non-responsive design to responsive? Yes, it is and this post is totally based on this process of conversion.

Requirements for building a responsive website through Drupal?

The two basic things required for making a responsive website using Drupal content management system have been given below:-

  • Mobile theme module
  • Responsive or mobile Drupal theme

Mobile theme module is used on the mobile devices for serving the users and enables to opt a mobile theme.

Responsive or mobile Drupal theme also plays an important role to build a responsive website regarding this feature-rich web development platform. In this post, Responsive Bartik theme will be used to solve the purpose of building mobile-optimized Drupal website.

Steps to make a responsive website based on Drupal

The major steps that help develop a responsive Drupal website have been elaborated below:-

1. First step is to install mobile theme module and Responsive Bartik theme. After completing the installation, enable both of them.

2. Navigate to Appearance tab in the Admin section and two methods will be available in the Mobile Theme box:-

  •    Detection method – PHP is a default or standard detection method. You can also select the method according to your preference.
  •      Mobile theme – Choose any one of the mobile theme that fits the best. In this case, Responsive Bartik will be selected.

3. Save all the changes in step 1 and 2.

4. For making changes in the basic settings of the theme, navigate to Responsive Bartik in the Settings section.

5. Set responsive layout by navigating to Blocks in the appearance section. Drupal features setting up different blocks for different themes. You can also create individual layout without affecting the main layout.

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