How To Convert PSD To Drupal Quickly?

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If you have static PSD designs and want to convert them into highly scalable as well as dynamic web pages, then PSD to Drupal conversion is a solution that helps to meet your requirements easily without affecting the designs.

The major question is that how to convert these static designs into a fully-fledged Drupal website. Here, we are giving a detailed overview of this conversion process including the steps.

Why Drupal Conversion is a Need of the Online Businesses?

Drupal, being an open source CMS, helps to build extraordinary as well as unique websites to drive more traffic. A wide range of expert webmasters around the globe prefer it a lot for developing the websites. Drupal acts as a hub of features and the websites developed using it are standout and compatible with all types of browsers as well as devices irrespective of their screen sizes. Millions of the websites are being powerzed by it with above 5% share in the global market. Therefore, after taking all these factors into consideration, PSD to Drupal conversion has become a necessity of the entrepreneurs to start their business over the web.

Moreover, this transformation process is just not limited to PSD files; instead it can equally convert Sketch files into HTML codes for building customized websites. The process of Sketch To HTML conversion is as same as PSD To HTML Conversion except of the fact that Photoshop files and sketch files are specifically coded by Drupal developers according to the conversion requisites.

Systematic procedure for performing Drupal conversion process

Below we showcase the various steps required for carrying out Drupal conversion from static PSD designs:-

  1. First step is to start the slicing of PSD files with the help of “Slice Tool” or any other software according to your use of convenience. Slicing is the process of breaking these files into multiple segments or layers, so that they can be encoded with ease.
  2. Second step involved in converting PSD to Drupal is to create a folder and save the sliced images into it. The location of this folder and the theme files would be same.
  3. Third step is to code these sliced images into your preferred markup language say HTML/XHTML. After finishing the coding part, page should be saved as “home.html”.
  4. In the fourth step, open a new page and add CSS for an appealing look & feel to the design. Save it as “style.css”.
  5. The next step is to convert HTML coded page (obtained in step 3) into a highly responsive and fully-fledged Drupal theme. Save all the files in a new folder.
  6. The next step of PSD to Drupal conversion process is to add the content and customize it according to your specific needs.
  7. Finally, test functionality of the theme like user-friendly, cross-browser compatible, etc.

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