How To Adorn Your Website With Drupal Theme Development

folder_openDrupal Theme Development

Themes are the defining attribute of the website referring to the fact that an attractive theme draws more traffic to the website. These eye-catching themes and templates showcase your business profile, organizational structure and also largely determine the finances. Thus, you can go for the Drupal Theme Development to get visibly enhanced and functional webpages.

Drupal is a multi-faceted open source platform capable of developing the highly attractive and fascinating websites. This platform is in high demand among the business owners to build the customized themes which can be added to the websites with an objective of bringing in large number of visitors. This process of theme development involves a professional expertise and hence, you must approach an established web development company such as PSDtoDrupalDeveloper to obtain extensible and unmatched results.

The process of transformation of pixelated files into stunning themes is not so easy. It is always advised to approach a professional web developer from a recognized IT firm like PSDtoDrupalDeveloper to perform such functions.

Now let’s know more about how this transformation is done in various steps:

  • The first step is to design the basic elements of a website like navigation menu, header bars, page, etc. on a preferred MYSQL database.
  •  Create folders to organize the themes and its elements. Also, create two sub-folders for CSS files and images.
  •  The next and important step is to create .info file containing core details of the theme and its elements. Specifically the name and description of the theme.
  •  After forming the .info file, create template files with extension tpl.php. For the specific elements of these files such as HTML codes, blocks, and nodes, create other template files like html.tpl.php, block.tpl.php, and node.tpl.php.
  • Create style.css files to manage the appearance and visibility of the theme.
  • Add modules (if needed) to enhance the functionality and performance of the theme.
  • The last step is to add the content like design, header, navigation bars, logo, etc. into the website and check for its compatibility and appearance.

These above-mentioned steps involved in the process of Custom Drupal Theme Development are highly effective to create appealing and attractive themes for the website. These customized themes enhance your online presence and maximize your business proximity, thus escalating your brand credibility.

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