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If you want to create a highly interactive and content-focused website, then it is good to hire Drupal developer who has comprehensive knowledge about Drupal core and has hands-on experience of Drupal development and integration. Embellished with a number of features and enhanced functionalities.

Drupal has gained rapid popularity among the developers and website owners worldwide. You can easily identify the sites that have been built using Drupal platform. The in-built content management features along with the open-source aspect has made this incredible tool the topmost choice among the individuals, who want to create the sites that entirely focus on the content part.

What exactly content-focused website are!

Before getting into details, let’s understand what content-focused website is! It is important for you to be familiar with this concept, content-focused website is the site that renders regularly updated content. Here, the content is always considered superior than the user interaction. Some of the best examples of content-focused websites are Wikipedia, Blogging sites, News-oriented sites, live journals and others.

Why Developers consider Drupal as an Ideal Choice for Building Content-focused Websites!

Whether it is about adding a contact form or a blog, Drupal enables you to build really astonishing content-oriented websites. Here are the Drupal’s incredible features that make it a perfect fit for content-focused websites.

  • Navigation Menu: There is an option of placing the primary links at the top and the navigation links at the bottom left-side of each web page. Another option available within the menu management feature incorporates Navigation menu that consists of ‘Administrator’ menu, which has ‘site building menu’ that enables developers to access Menu Manager with complete flexibility.
  • Menu Management: This incredible feature allows web programmers to use the menu for including smooth navigation within the pages.
  • Default Home Page: The administration menu of Drupal consists of “Site Configuration” section that enables Drupal programmers to set the default home page within the site itself.
  • Content Creation: Drupal simplifies the task of forming the content. You just need to login as the administrator and select ‘Create Content’ option in the main menu. Then, the content of desired type can be chosen out of the numerous options available in Drupal.

Hire a Drupal web developer to attain a feature-rich and content-oriented website in the quickest possible time. But, always consider hiring a programmer from a reliable web development company that offers high-quality services at affordable rates.

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