Get a multi-functional website with Drupal Migration

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The distinctive Drupal Migration service transforms your website into a comprehensive , multi-functional and quality-driven platform. With the enhanced visibility and functionality, these websites boost your business operations remarkably .

With the advent of nearly 1 billion websites over the internet, there has been a significant rise in the issues related to websites’ slow processing and reduced functioning. Keeping a tab on these issues, almost all the merchants and business owners have embraced technological advancement for their businesses to which Drupal Migration comes out as the quintessential solution.

Understanding Drupal Migration

Extension of less functional platform to a progressive one through contributory modules refers to migration. Drupal migration specifically refers to the mainstream migration of content from other sources into Drupal.

This migration process is not limited to cross-platform migration, but it also includes the “version migration”. If you have a Drupal powered website and you wish to enhance its performance & functionality, then you can opt for advanced version migration which not only enhances your site’s functioning, but also expedites its processing.

With the migration method, you can get flexible and compatible websites driving higher number of visitors to your site.

Why Opt for Drupal Migration?

Here are few pointers enacting the importance of Drupal Migration:

  • To get a highly responsive, flexible and compatible websites
  • Upgrade your website with advanced features through migration process
  • Qualitative migration without the actual loss of content
  • Assured and secured architecture integration for Drupal website
  • Draw higher count of prospective customers to the website
  • Seamless & error free procedural practices

Brief Idea About How to Migrate?

After knowing the significance of Drupal Migration, let’s get a brief idea about how is it done. Migration is definitely not an easy process as it involves a professional expertise and methodologies.

Below mentioned are the simplified steps included in Drupal migration:

  • Here are the major points to keep in mind while going for Drupal migration:
  • Always create a backup of your website’s database using an explicit tool available online
  • Restore all the backup files and folders to a destination port on the system
  • Bring site to “off line” mode and clear cache table using site maintenance option
  • Transfer your database to the new site in the case of Migration from other sources while in case of version migration transfer data to the new destination file.
  • Sort out the required content from the original site and update it to the new database
  • Look out for the authorized installation process on the new site and check your settings

As mentioned above, it is very much clear as to why Drupal migration is significant in the context of revamping the websites’ functionality. Hence, consider these factors to build a feature-rich upgraded website to expedite your ROI and business credibility.

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