Drupal Version 7.36 Maintenance Release To Fix The Bugs

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If your Drupal website is slowing down its performance and affecting your business, then the time has came to accelerate profits as well as returns. It is because DRUPAL.ORG has recently released the latest version i.e. Drupal 7.36 on 02 April 2015.

This latest version is a maintenance release that not only fixes the bugs, but also provides improvements in API (Application Programming Interface). No security fixes and non-backwards-compatible features are included in Drupal 7.36. It is not necessary to upgrade custom versions of files like robots.txt, .htaccess, default settings.php or web.config in Drupal version 7.36 as no changes are made to these files.

Major changes made to Drupal 7.36

Updating your website to Drupal version 7.36 will extend its functionality and provide improvement in loading speed of the web pages. Some of the major changes included in Drupal 7.36 maintenance release have been elaborated below:-

  • Drupal 7.36 prevents the form API and allows arrays to be submitted for the form elements like textfields, textareas and passwords fields.
  • A new variable ‘javascript_always_use_jquery’ has been added to this version. Those sites that do not need jQuery to load on all the pages should set this variable to ‘FALSE’.
  • A new function ‘user_has_role()’ has been added to Drupal 7.36 to check the role of a particular user.
  • To bypass file download access checks, this version added a variable ‘file_public_schema’
  • A bug that do not allow database query tags to add to search-related database queries has been fixed in this release.
  • For improving accessibility, Drupal 7.36 fixed the “for” attribute
  • Incorrect foreign keys are fixed in the database tables of User module’s role_permission and user_roles.
  • A new function ‘drupal_add_region_content()’ has been added in Drupal 7.36 to add content to the web page.
  • An ‘image_suppress_itok_output’ variable from security perspectives to prevent the appearance of security tokens in image derivative URLs.
  • In the Block module administrative interface, Drupal 7.36 has fixed double-escaping of theme names.

There are a lot more changes made to this latest release. To have a fully-fledged website, quickly download Drupal 7.36 and experience a unique business over the web. This version features speedy and high-performing web applications without any error.

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