Drupal Theme Development: Remarkable Tips For Effective Development

folder_openDrupal Theme Development

At present times, to own a powerful website has become the need of every business owner. The growing competition in the internet market compels merchants to update their sites according to the audience and market requirements.

Therefore, it is essential for the site owners to make alterations in their online stores to fulfill consistently varying customer’s needs. Be it adding new features and functionalities, or content, or enhance the functionality of existing site, Drupal theme development provides you different options to choose the desired theme from thousands of themes available on the internet and can be customized to suit your business needs.

Have a quick look over the essential tips & tricks to consider while developing custom themes

  • Overriding core or contributed module style sheets: Most of the modules render defaults to present its output that consist of markup and associated style sheets. You can override such default styles by making certain changes within the theme. Specify overriding the core or contributed module style sheets in .info file of your theme.
  • Adding icons to Drupal menu links: Following are the modules that can help you in adding icons to the Drupal menu links:
  1. Taxonomy image, which is used to attach images to the terms
  2. Through menu icons, you can assign icons to the menu
  3. Taxonomy menu automates creating menus from the taxonomy terms
  • How to create help text block: Sometimes, your website users may require help while submitting nodes and editing content. For instance: to assist those, who need help based on HTML tags, build a block that appears on the edit pages only. Create a block, accredit it to showup only while editing or adding node. This trick can be great way to display help related content.
  • Place dummy images: Many times, a user needs to check if the images fit perfectly to the decided layout or visualize the placement of images according to the layout; this is where the use of placeholder image generator tool comes into light.
  • Showup block only on the Front Page: Most of the times, while selling banner ads or links, advertiser does not want links to be displayed on the multiple pages. Therefore, it becomes essential to display link only on the front page. While working on a new theme, change the administration theme, such that you can view admin pages always, even if the new theme contains errors.

Custom Drupal theme development increases your chances of getting the appropriate theme for your business website. Also, custom development of Drupal empowered site helps you get multi-user blog. By hiring the theme/template development services from reliable web development companies, you can avail the benefits of tailor-made solutions, like theme customization, custom module development and many more. Supported by an active community of skilled developers, Drupal offers unique and exemplary features that make it an ideal platform for custom development.

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