Drupal Support- Why You Need to Have One for Your Site?

folder_openDrupal support and maintenance

To stay ahead of competitors and adapt to the emerging technologies, Drupal as a powerful Content Management System (CMS) is featured with advanced and updated modules that are strictly focused on augmenting the performance of your site. In order to perform in an uninterrupted way, Drupal requests for regular support, maintenance and security updates. The advantages associated with Drupal support and maintenance leads to an updated sited endowed with improved performance and unmatched user experience.

When Do You Require Drupal Update?

Well, there is no accurate answer to this but not having a Drupal site updated and maintained at certain periodic intervals can leave you in a painful situation. To the best of my knowledge, there are a few situations when you actually require having Drupal support.

For Regular Checkups- The immediate routine checkups are very important and they do take proper care of temporary file cleanups, database repair, deleting unwanted spam comments, junk entries and so on.

Drupal Upgrades- With the introduction of every new version of Drupal being launched, there are improvements made to bug fixes and security updates. These updated versions help in designing a robust as well as a secure website. The easy organization of content lets you create custom lists, organize content through path URL’s and makes organizing, searching and managing content simplified.

Applying security updates is equally important for every professional Drupal site in order to augment its performance with better visibility and a huge source of traffic. If you don’t apply updates on a frequent basis, the risk of slow loading and corrupted sites increases exponentially between the current code base and code base of the latest version. Just because nothing in this world is perfect, Drupal community addresses improvements through featured updates and security patches.

The Drawbacks of Not Updating Your Drupal Site

With a strong and protected Drupal support, you get to embrace all the updated features in your site with an extra layer of protection. Without it, the process to lead online world might just get reversed. Most probably, you will not be able to run your site across different devices and OS platforms. Secondly, your website might get crashed because of the large volume of data present in it. Amidst all these, you will open the doors for many unethical hackers who can anytime access your site and steal all valuable data.

Look For A Reliable Solution

Just before things go out of ways, you can just pick up a well-famed Drupal support and maintenance agency which will analyze and rectify the solution with best-in-class recovery options available. Before contracting, make sure that you are onboarding your journey in the safe hands- an experienced and a creditable support team. A value-driven, scalable and result-oriented web development agency should be hired for Drupal version upgrades, module updates and will keep your site adhered with latest security patches for improved performance.

Doing It Yourself- Try These-

  • Always keep your version of Drupal and modules and up to date
  • Backup your website
  • Use a complex login password
  • Use Drupal Security Modules to keep your site protected from brute-force attacks
  • Use SFTP encryption
  • Harden the security on your Drupal database

From keeping modules up-to-date to using security plugins and secure connections, all these recommendations can be implemented easily within a matter of minutes and you can easily secure your site from intruders and hackers.

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