Drupal Migration: Simplest Way To Enhance Your Online Presence

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Drupal, being a robust open-source CMS, acts as a framework that provides a solid base for online collaboration and communities. This powerful platform can be used to run corporate websites, news portals, intranets and even more.It is a powerful platform with a number of useful feature that you expect from an advanced content management system. It includes access control, user management separation of content, web-based editing, presentation and logic and administration. This encourages website owners to migrate to Drupal to leverage its numerous benefits.

Today, Drupal is one among the most widely used content management systems. If you feel that your existing site is unable to handle the large traffic or lacking some essential features, then migrating your website to Drupal is the perfect solution. Consult the professional web developers for an effective migration. Although migration of a website involves little to no coding, still it requires an expertise to carry out the task flawlessly. The whole migration process can be a bit difficult to be handled by your own. So, it is considered beneficial to hire a reliable service provider, offering quality services at affordable prices.

Migration generally involves two major steps:

  • Migration of files
  • Migration of database

Both these things can be done independently, but you should make sure that they work together. Proper planning and preparation is must before conducting migration process. It is wiser to check the MySQL and PHP versions on the present and the new host and ensure that the new host meets the specific requirements.

Here are some essential steps involved in migration process:

  • Extract the Installation file into the chosen directory, once the download is complete.
  • Create username and database location, then execute Drupal’s installation script. Change the user settings including user name and password according to your needs.
  • Employ your current CMS to export your website data through administration interface.
  • Search for the appropriate plug-ins that help you import content directly from a wide range of CMS. Then, import your website data. It is possible to import MySql databases, text, Comma Separated Values (CSV) directly into Drupal. The content is usually imported in its proprietary Content Construction Kit.

Thus, enhance your web presence with an effective and attractive online portal.

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