Drupal Migration – Must Required Method For Getting Highly Advanced Websites

folder_openDrupal Migration

Upgrading websites is a mandatory task if the business owners want to remain one step ahead of their competitors in today’s realm of the web designing and development. Migrating from a less functional platform to an advanced web development platform has become necessity of all the businesses for obtaining better response in the global market. Drupal migration is emerging as a dominating method for having optimized as well as stunning websites. This method is beneficial for all the businesses irrespective of their size and functionality. Migration is not so easy from practical point of view and it definitely requires the help from expert Drupal web developers.

What makes migration necessary?

An appealing website is always beneficial for the businesses as it brings maximum traffic and enhances the conversions. But for getting such websites, Drupal migration acts as a results-oriented methodology and a wide range of the entrepreneurs have earned worldwide reputation by implementing it. Drupal, being a free & popular content management system, powers above 2% of the overall web development and different categories (business, corporate, financial, government, etc.) can be easily built by implementing it. 30,000+ contributed modules are available in Drupal to extend and customize appearance of the websites. According to the new statistics, approx 2 million members form a Drupal community and the developers have increased above 35,000 making it the most preferred platform from migration perspective.

Some of the important factors that reflect the necessity of Drupal migration have been summarized below:-

  • Leads to more flexible and compatible websites
  • Security not remains an issue after migrating to Drupal
  • Get improved online visitors, which in turn, increases the profits
  • Makes your website up to date along with a hub of powerful features
  • Migration offers out of the box support and easily manages the content
  • Authentication and Authorization

What to do before proceeding for migration?

Drupal migration is all about upgrading the websites features, functionality, modules and reducing the bugs. Before starting the actual process of migration regarding Drupal, it is must to use an effective tool. Upload & download the files and also manage the compressed files. Database is among the most crucial parts of a website, so it must be handled with care by taking the backup. If tools are not taken into account, then it is going to be a tough way from migration point of view.

Steps to be considered on the old site

The crucial steps in this regard are as follows:-

  • The first step is documentation of the modules and their paths
  • Put your website into off-line mode
  • Clean URLs should be turned off
  • Cache tables should be cleared and for doing so click on “Clear cached data”
  • Exporting database
  • If the website is public i.e. available on the web, then set it to on-line mode
  • All the Drupal modules, themes & code should be downloaded and transferred to the new server
  • Directories must also be copied and downloaded

Steps that need to be implemented on the new website

A list of the steps that need to be implemented regarding Drupal migration are as follows:-

  • Uploading the themes and modules
  • Copying the files directory to the location, which was chosen during editing
  • Creation of an empty database starting with “yourName_”
  • Importing SQL data
  • Creating a database to be used by the users and providing the access rights or permissions
  • Status report must be checked
  • Making adjustment to the performance parameters

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