Custom Drupal Theme Development – Get The Web Designs Really Liked By The Visitors


Themes play a pivotal role in your web designs and help to drive the traffic. The appearance of a website depends largely on the themes that help to reflect several crucial things about your business such as conversions, profits and many more. It is assured that eye-tempting designs are because of themes, so strictly go for custom Drupal theme development.

Drupal is a content management system powered by multiple features that lead your business and gives what you are actually seeking. An active community of Drupal web developers is always engaged in enhancing its performance, so that it can become compatible with even more advanced tools and the web technologies. Know a lot more about custom theme development based on Drupal with the help of this post.

Building Drupal themes, but how to do it

Choosing experienced designers and developers is must for custom Drupal theme development. But, if you are creative & innovative and wants to build custom Drupal themes on your own, then you will find a guide below that assist you in a proper manner. For building a Drupal theme, you must have sound knowledge of this platform along with scripting languages, markups and database. Hope, you have a tight command over these.

The process of custom Drupal theme development includes three ways as follows:-

  • From scratch
  • Starter theme
  • Sub-theme

The selection of any of the above-mentioned ways for creating custom Drupal themes depends on how easy it is to use. Starter themes are zipped files having inbuilt jQuery, CSS and layout. These themes facilitate great customization of CSS and jQuery. You can change name as well as settings according to your requirements. In a starter theme, changes can be made directly by removing unnecessary code. On the other hand, sub-themes are also zipped files like the starter themes and placed inside the base themes. Sub-themes help to override the base themes.

Building a custom Drupal theme from scratch requires the proper understanding of CSS and HTML. If you are having sound knowledge of PHP and jQuery, then it will give you additional benefits regarding custom Drupal theme development. Start with a theme folder named as “base_theme”. For creating a base theme, .info files are required and it is must to save these files as Without the addition of JavaScript and CSS, themes are useless. For later updates, keep all your files in a separate folder. This practice will help the other developers to easily understand and work on your left task.

Let’s have a glimpse on the steps regarding theme development

The various steps required for custom Drupal theme development are as follows:-

  1. The first step is the creation or modification of HTML files.
  2. The second step for developing a custom Drupal theme is to create a CSS file.
  3. The third step includes the creation of .info files that help to give proper information about a theme.
  4. The fourth step is to follow the Drupal standards regarding theme development.
  5. In the fifth step, variables will be inserted into the template files.
  6. Finally, create additional files for blocks as well as nodes.

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