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For those, who are new to Drupal technology, Drupal migration can be a daunting task. This is why, most of the merchants prefer outsourcing their project to the reliable web development companies.

If you feel that your current website is not operating properly, or is unable to handle a huge traffic, or has slow loading speed, this is the right time to know why to go for Drupal migration. In case, the existing website is already based on Drupal platform and still has some problems, it is wiser to upgrade your site for latest Drupal version that ensures high-performing online store. It is quite interesting to know that with PHPMyAdmin installed on the web server, backing up the data is not very difficult. However, using Migrate module is much more convenient method to backup MySQL database.

Migrate Module Simplifies Drupal Migration: How To Get The Module!

Drupal’s Migrate module simplifies the process of taking backup of all the relevant Drupal based tables from website database. To begin with the Drupal migration, search for the Migrate module on the Drupal’s official site. Once found, download the suitable source file. Now, install that module. Extract the entire content of compressed file, recently downloaded into Drupal installation’s modules directory. When the files are fully extracted, login to the administrator account of Drupal. Go to the modules page from administer, put check mark against enable box, click on save and the setup is completed.

How To Prepare Current & New Sites For Drupal Migration Using Backup & Migrate module!

Preparing The Existing/Production Website

  • URLs and images in the content are a bit troublesome to manage while shifting a website. Although you have copied the image file to the development site, but its URL, mentioned in the site content, may still continue to link the image that resides in previous site. Thus, you may have the image file that doesn’t even appear as it should. Configure Pathologic module, which helps convert the reference to image files on development site.
  • The first and foremost user that has been created on the Drupal website is known as User 1. The first user has certain rights in Drupal. Therefore, it is good to login as the first user, while using Backup as well as Migrate module.

Preparing The New/Development Website

  • Ensure that your new website has the same themes and modules as that of previous site. In order to host your website, you must have all the essential modules available with you.
  • Always begin with a neat website with clean files and databases. The development website must not have any content. It is not necessary that the copy process remove the previous content, but can merely add to the existing data on the development site.


If you want to migrate your site from the production server to the live server, or just seeking complete backup, then make custom profile, also ensure that you have selected all tables. You can restore the data easily through restore tab >> database backup file and then, hit restore. But, remember, this process works only when backup is made using Migrate module.

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