Add an Extra Level of Functionality With Drupal Theme Development

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Drupal features a plethora of excellent themes, each having their own advantages. Drupal Theme Development services all site owners to create websites of multiple genres, be it a shopping cart, social networking site or anything.

A multi-featured platform, Drupal comes with a theming framework which is solely focused on enhancing the appeal and functionality of a website making it popular amongst developers and IT enthusiasts. Drupal themes have their own charm of adding usability and effectiveness to the website. The process of creating Drupal themes requires competent skills for which businesses need to hire a well-recognized web development company which has the capability to shape up your proposed design into a reality. Drupal Theme Development process is not only meant to add an eye-captivating factor to the appearance of your site but it also manages the web pages to have a proper control over the site content.

By opting for Drupal theme development, you will not only be able to design business specific web pages but also save your hard earned money and valuable time. The process of designing Drupal themes goes through various phases of evolution which are confabulated below-

1. The Process of Setting up Design-

The process of design creation should include setting up of the header, footer, web pages and the navigation menu.

2. Use of HTML and CSS for developing web pages-

Next step requires the creation of a web page layout which has to be very simple using HTML and CSS markup language.

3. Installing Theme-

The primary objective is downloading Drupal and transferring all the important files to a server which will be used for theme development. For this purpose, a testing server is generally advised. Once the files are downloaded, they should be placed in the Root folder.

4. Convert Static Pages Into Dynamic-

Once all the above-listed steps are completed, you need to convert your static pages into dynamic ones.

Drupal Themes- Why Your Business Needs To Have One?

Whether one wants free themes for customization or one wants premium themes to give a gleaming look to their site, Drupal serves its clients with several options to change the look and feel of their site. Let’s have a look at some most important reasons which force businesses to opt for Drupal themes.

  • Designed with artistic integrity

Drupal themes reflect the perfect combination of graphic and marketing design. With clear and purposeful goals, Drupal experts pour in their expertise to create award-winning themes.

  • Multi-functional

Drupal themes offer unique designs and a number of superior features that can handle or manage content with ease. Drupal themes are even available with amazing security features to keep up with the confidential information of your organization.

  • Availability of Multiple Options

There are several categories of themes available for Drupal as corporate, eCommerce, blogs, and mobile app themes from where you can select the one which is best matched according to your business requirements. You can easily choose search from the vast options available in different styles and layouts and select a specific theme for your business.

The importance of themes cannot be disregarded. The overall theme development process involves crucial steps and is definitely a boon to the web industry. So, if you are looking for web solutions which showcase an everlasting impression on your users, Drupal Theme Development is a must-have.

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