6 Important Skills A Successful Drupal Web Developer Must Acquire

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Being an open-source content management system (CMS), Drupal is usually deployed on large and complex sites. PSD to Drupal conversion is one of the appreciated services which comes with SEO friendly structure and clean codes to augment the performance of Drupal stores. With the help of this conversion methodology, it becomes easier to design websites that meet the modern web development challenges. A fully-functional Drupal web store is a suite of upgraded features that encourage visitor-acquisition for increased brand awareness. In order to maintain and develop a Drupal website that is comprised of latest technology trends, one needs to hire an expert, knowledgeable and proficient Drupal developer.

This blog pinpoints some essential skills that must be considered before hiring a Drupal developer for your business. Let’s take a glimpse of each:

1. Command Line Interface:

Having an in-depth knowledge of Command Line Interface (CLI) encourages productivity on the developer’s end. A CLI Ninja quickly automates repetitive tasks and also enhances the ability to use tools like Drush that perform tasks quickly without requiring a developer to navigate more than 3 mouse clicks to complete the overall process.

2. Templating:

In order to pick up and learn the usage of new frameworks, it is highly important for a skilled Drupal developer to understand and conceptualize the principles of templating. Before hiring Drupal developers, it is important to assess whether the developer is able to alter core files by using template.php and other custom modules.

3. Package Managers:

When it comes to managing the installation of Drupal, the role of Package Managers cannot be overlooked. Website owners should carry knowledge on how Package Managers work. Whether it’s about installing Bootstrap and Sass from Node or Drush from Composer, it is important to know exactly what you are running before running commands on your system.

4. CSS Preprocessors:

CSS Preprocessors have started gaining popularity in the last several years. Preprocessors with their advanced features help to achieve writing reusable and extensible codes in CSS. Some business owners do not prefer using it because of a little more overhead it adds to a project. No matter whether CSS Preprocessors are put into use or not, one might be working with a framework that involves the use of CSS to understand its overall functioning.

5. Sound Knowledge of the CMS:

A smart developer is one who has a good familiarity of CMS before jumping into the platform. Before starting to work with Drupal, it is important to understand the way Drupal works so as to help businesses accomplish their objectives.

6. Basic Debugging:

An experienced Drupal developer must be acquainted with basic debugging techniques to save time when working with Drupal. At times, error messages fail to provide the required information to solve the problem. This, in turn, requires developers to step into Devel or XDebug for locating the error.

Ending Notes:

Known as one of the renowned CMS, Drupal comes altogether with a large number of attributes which are inherent to succeed in the process of the web development. So, if you want to stay on top of competitors, it is better to hire a Drupal developer who has a comprehensive knowledge of core Drupal concepts to be applied on multiple tools and languages.

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